Housing Affordability

Lori is committed to ensuring our workers, teachers, and children can afford to live in Berkeley. Working with housing experts, she’s championed policies that streamline the burdensome planning process for affordable housing projects and home renovations and promoted in-law units as a way to age in place.

Addressing Homelessness

Lori believes that we need to give our homeless community opportunities for work, housing, and mental health services to those who need support. To achieve those goals, Lori has consistently supported efforts to keep shelters and services running.

Safe Communities

In order for Berkeley to be a safe community, we need to focus on crime prevention, public health, and pedestrian safety. Lori is the only candidate supported by all of our first responders.

Economic Vitality

Lori has established a city working group with local merchants to support small businesses and address their concerns. She developed policies to address commercial vacancies, blight, and simplify retail requirements to set up a business in Berkeley.

Looking for more detailed statements? Check out Lori’s detailed policy platform!